Why Buy Vintage Clothing

Why Buy Vintage Clothing

Not everyone likes to look like everyone else. Here's for those of us who aspire to something different: an individualistic, unique style that expresses who we really are, makes us feel good, and turns heads.

There are a number of options in today's huge worldwide marketplace, most of which unfortunately are very expensive. Then there’s vintage.

The Distinctive Look of Retro Apparel

Incorporating pre-loved clothing and accessories into your look sets you apart from the crowd because:

  • Vintage items are distinctive – no one else will have what you have.
  • Mixing retro with modern pieces lets you express your creativity.
  • Dollar for dollar spent, you’ll have a better quality, longer lasting wardrobe.

Modern vintage fashion

    Throughout the 20th century, designers produced a huge array of clothing styles and fabrics. Designs that were not only unique to their period, but proved to have enduring appeal and modern relevance combined with high quality. Designs that might look even better now than they did back then.

    Today’s shopper is blessed with having the pick of the litter. Almost anything your heart desires – and plenty of things you didn’t even know you wanted – are available in vintage clothing stores online. Looking for a pair of deadstock shoes to go with your perfectly distressed jeans? Chances are, they’re out there just waiting for you.

    Modern Vintage Fashion vs. Fast Fashion

    Buying vintage fashion lets you create a stylish look that’s unique to you because even with all the choice in vintage menswear and women's clothing, these pieces are largely one of a kind. Not much chance of running into someone at a party who’s wearing the same 50s cocktail dress as you are. And vintage no longer has to look costumey either. A modern approach puts you in charge by blending well-chosen threads from all eras of your collection into one killer outfit.

    Vintage mens wear

    Then there's this. Have you ever thought about the so-called value chain of today's "fast fashion"? Have you thought about who's involved, how clothing is made and at what cost? If you haven't, check out The True Cost (in the U.S. on Netflix), an eye-opening documentary about fast fashion, the fashion we literally consume every day... cheap, in style/out of style, disposable.

    Heads up, this documentary is absolutely shocking. For now, let's just say that there is a lot of waste, pollution, and social injustice in the modern garment industry, one that has just seen its most profitable year in history. It's like never wanting to eat a fast food burger again after seeing how commercial beef is produced. Been there, done that, went organic... ehhh, vintage.

    Wearing pre-loved clothing is socially responsible. Not only does it significantly extend a garment's life cycle, it continues to give pleasure to the wearer and thus honors the makers, especially with more complex and intricate pieces and fabrics. What could be better?

    Vingtage streetwear

    The Fun of The Hunt

    The final, and for many of us most motivating of all factors in our love of vintage clothing is the fun of the hunt. We're all innate collectors, hunters and gatherers from way back. Getting some button mushrooms for dinner at the grocery store is great, but how about hunting for and finding delicious wild mushrooms in the woods that many people have never even tasted?

    Searching for that special vintage piece, think a Liberty of London fabric, you’ve been dreaming of for a long time and finally finding it online or in a store is a special thrill you can treasure and share. We all know there’s nothing like a good fashion show and tell between friends.

    So whether it's deadstock shoes, sexy psychobilly clothing, men’s vintage or even vintage streetwear for all you sneakerheads, there's sure to be some pearls out there for you to find. Enjoy the hunt, and the next time someone asks where you got your amazing outfit, you can just smile and say: “It’s vintage darling!”

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