For Vintage Lovers

For Vintage Lovers

When an old friend of mine saw my leather jacket with a large embroidered Canadian flag on its sleeve while we both shopped at the local grocery store, he proudly showed me the vintage fishing jacket he was wearing.

"I bought this in Alberta seven years ago and have worn it every winter since," he happily told me. A vintage jacket made to endure heavy use outdoors, well sewn from sturdy material with reinforced corners and seams to withstand a bit of weather.

Alas, now it only needs to survive the stresses and strains of grocery shopping. But, clearly, to this vintage lover, it's a gift that keeps on giving great pleasure – an enduring, timeless, and cost-effective look.

Vintage bomber jacket

"They don't make stuff like they used to." We’ve all heard or said this. Not only can we lament that way about appliances, tools, electronics, household or garden items, but also about clothes that have moved from "Made in U.S.A." (or Europe) to fast garments from the world's cheapest labor rate countries of Bangladesh or Vietnam. Where is the quality?!

Vintage clothing made of leather, wool, silk, cotton, linen, even good old polyester or nylon will hold up longer. Such clothing is mostly more carefully made and was far pricier to buy originally than its contemporary, cheapened version or replica. Think pea coats or women's tops: inferior fabric, sloppy seams, pilling, cheap pop-off buttons... the list goes on.

It’s Vintage, Darling!

Wearing vintage clothing is a far more economical way to dress than the fashion-forward, throw-away consumption package most of the largest global brands are pushing at us. Let alone the "cool" factor. In a modern fashion garment, you'll look nice for a season or two max, but a classic endures for the ages and does not go out of style easily.

Blundstone boots

People seem to dress within an odd contradiction: on the one hand we want to look individualistic, different, even unique. On the other, we so easily fall prey to the winds of fashion, from seasonal colours to haircuts, workouts, or food fads. The conformity of torn jeans, baggy pants, t-shirts and sneakers is astounding – and extremely tedious to look at.

Not so you, the vintage lover. How about rocking a pair of perfectly distressed leather Chelsea boots with your new jeans? Or complementing an otherwise plain dress with a vintage silk scarf? Go ahead, be a little different, create a truly unique style, perhaps harking to an era you especially enjoyed living in. You’re gonna love it.

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