Back to the Eighties

Back to the Eighties

You know something’s going on if Tokyo music producers Initial Talk and Tronicbox are re-mixing @rihanna, @justinbieber, and @ArianaGrande hits in 1980s style tunes and visuals.

Targeting a combined 250 million plus Twitter followers must be a harbinger of things that trend. And so are hand-knit sweaters, dresses and tops

Hey, the 80s were already retro with Reagan re-imagining an earlier Old Boys Hollywood era (Hello orange toupé comb-over).


80s Vintage Fashion Trends

But fashion was loud: huge earrings (60s), shoulder pads (40s), aerobics spandex and velour “athletics”, rayon shirts and dresses, sleeveless muscle tees with an over-the-ear bush (60s) or combed-back hair (50s) and the re-discovered, beloved mini-dress (60s). This was way before fast fashion.

I know, some of what started then may seem lame by now, but it’s history and we all love to remember and indulge in a little nostalgia. Fanny packs, male ponytails, patchwork anyone?

So let’s get double retro with some true Eighties attire. It’s modern vintage fashion any self-possessed Instagram hipster and vintage lover would be proud to don. Let’s see it and see you in it!

Searches on our site show you the genuine 80s vintage knitting patterns our site carries, only one of six decades Day17Vintage covers. Check it out and indulge. You could host the next 1980s vintage dance party and rock it!  

Montreux Jazz Silk Shirt Day17Vintage

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